I'm Danielle! I am a Birth Photographer, doula, advocate, and mother.

  • There is dog hair on everything I own, and I don't mind.
  • I'm known for making a cups of tea, forgetting about them, and leaving them untouched all around my house.
  • I own WAY too many board games. I love playing chess even though I'm not very good at it.
  • Connecting with nature revitalizes me. I dream to one day live in an RV full-time and explore every national park with my family.
  • I came to Wyoming six years ago to heal my soul and get a fresh start. It worked and I'm not looking back.
  • According to Myer-Briggs, I'm an introvert....an ISFJ to be exact!
  • I believe every person should have the right to an empowering and informed birth experience, and birth how and where they choose. No matter what.

"Danielle granted us access to the wealth of skills and knowledge doulas possess, and for that (among other things) I am truly grateful. She gave me the priceless gift of an amazing birth experience."

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What Clients are Saying

2022 Doula Client

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"Danielle is nothing other than a powerful energy, a fierce advocate and a talented artist. She was there for me through tough life changes during pregnancy, throughout my 22 hour labor and birth, and has continued to be a presence for me postpartum! The beautiful images and footage she captured of the birth of my baby are so precious to us and I would hire her a million times over. This powerhouse of a woman assisted me in 8 hours of pushing without pain medications--she held me physically and emotionally,"

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