Birth Services: How Can I Support You?

Birth Photography

-Birth photography coverage from active labor through 2 hours postpartum
-On-call from 38 weeks until delivery
-Unlimited time at birth (I'm there as long as I need to be!)
-Unlimited, professionally-edited images
-Print and social media release


Birth Videography

-Available as an add-on to birth photography
-3-4 minute short film showcasing your birth story


Doula Support

-Physical and emotional support, advocacy, and education through pregnancy and birth.
-2 prenatal meetings, and one postpartum meeting
-On-call from 38 weeks until delivery
-In-person labor support beginning in active labor and up to two hours postpartum


The services above can be combined to build your dream birth package. Birth Services start at $1400, but please contact me for full birth package details. I cannot wait to hear from you!


2022 Doula + Photography Client

"I had a 9 hour unmedicated labor and I know that if Danielle hadn't been on my birth team it probably would have turned out much differently. She provided so much knowledge about counter pressure, ideas for position changes, and encouragement. She was so seamless at being both my doula and my photographer that I didn't even know pictures were being taken, so the birth space never felt interrupted. After this experience, I will definitely be reaching out to Danielle for her support again."